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Career Homeopathic Medicine in India

clock August 7, 2013 14:20 by author medcarpet

Let likes be cured by Likes is the chemical principle on which homeopathy is based on. This treatment is an alternative type to the allopathy medicine. Homeopathy is gaining popularity in the recent years and people are opting it as an alternative form of therapy.

For career prospects about homeopathy there are many websites providing good and valuable information. Employment opportunities are wide and BHMS graduates can strart thier own practice or can join any universities.

There are many prestigious institutes in india offering homeopathy graduation courses. To know more about the prospects, job profile,employment opportunities in companies and other universities visit:

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Homeopathy in UK -NHS National Health Service

clock April 29, 2013 06:37 by author medcarpet

Homeopathy treatment in United Kingdom is funded by NHS National Health Service.United Kingdom is the only country in the European Union with public-sector hospitals for complementary or alternative medicine. Therefore there are National Health Service homeopathic hospitals in London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, and Tunbridge Wells.

To become a member of a professional organization, non-allopathic practitioners must be covered by insurance and adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics.For more information about the regulatory situation of homeopathy practitioners ,their professional status, further education and training,insurance coverage schemes there are authorized groups which will guide the candidates.

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Alternative Forms of Healing - Homeopathy

clock May 17, 2012 12:01 by author medcarpet

Alternative forms of healing ,Homeopathy is a system of medicine which is based on "like cures like". Homeo means similar and pathy means disease. This was founded by German Physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1800. This form of treatment lies in the fact that whole person is treated rather than sickness alone.

It is a highly personalised form of treatment, patients who apparently suffer from the same illness may be prescribed different medicines. This has been an effective form of treatment since last 200 years. Unlike Allopathy medicines the side effects here are very less or negligible.

Based on the career aspects it has a tremendous importance and many people are believing in this form of treatments as alternatives.

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